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5 Benefits of Ocean Freight to elevate your eCommerce offering

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As eCommerce continues to grow, online businesses are looking for a cost-effective way to ship their products from one country to another and efficiently. Ocean freight shipping has become a popular option, thanks to its potential supply chain benefits and competitive pricing model. In this blog post, we look into the overall benefits of ocean freight, what to look for a shipping provider and how you can leverage these key features to achieve improved e-commerce outcomes.

  1. Cost

With its competitive pricing model, Ocean Freight makes it possible to move goods from one country to another at much lower rates than air or ground transportation, however the overall shipping time is longer.

  1. Security

Ocean freight provides increased security measures for fragile items due to its containerized shipping system. Thanks to online tracking tools provided by leading providers, customers have access to real time information regarding their shipments as they move through international waters.

  1. Reliability

Sea transport also offers greater reliability due to more scheduled transit times and a well-established infrastructure. With regular sailings to and from all major ports Crossborder Logistics are confident we have the imaginative and cost-effective answers to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

  1. Scalability

Ocean Freight is more cost effective for businesses transporting large volumes of cargo per shipment. Due to this, Ocean Freight also allows for improved scalability due to the ability to ship larger and heavier shipments than other freight options. This is of course a more cost – effective route to scalability, providing that businesses plan and factor in the increase in shipment times.

At Crossborder Logistics we offer both Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) services on a door-to-door or FOB port basis, our team is able to offer solutions and pricing for any size of shipment.

  1. Sustainability

Though Ocean Freight still has an impact on the environment, the carbon footprint associated with transportation on sea is lower than that of Air Freight. Infact, Air Freight has the largest carbon footprint in the freight industry according to sourcinghub.io, emitting 500 grams of CO2 per metric ton of freight per km of transportation. Whereas ships will only emit 10 to 40 grams of CO2 per kilometre.


Getting Started with Ocean Freight

If you feel your business could benefit from the advantages of Ocean Freight, then you may be looking to know more about getting started. Moving to Ocean Freight can seem a little daunting at first, but the process is relatively straightforward.

The first step in setting up a shipment is to find a reliable and experienced international freight forwarder that specialises in container shipping. It is important to do your research, comparing different providers on key factors such as cost, services offered, transit times, customer service ratings and any other criteria that are important or specific to your company. As more international businesses and online sellers look to expand into the UK and EU marketplaces, choosing the right provider can be a huge part of your company’s success.  With Crossborder Logistics e-commerce-specific import services, consisting of regular sailings for LCL and FCL cargo to the UK and Rotterdam, we can guarantee an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Once you have identified an appropriate provider, make sure to discuss all the details of your shipment including origin/destination points, cargo specifications (weight/volume), desired delivery date, etc. These details will help to ensure all necessary steps have been taken before goods depart from their port of origin. Additionally, it is beneficial to understand the customs clearance processes associated with each country involved in order to avoid delays or unexpected costs due to import regulations.

By taking these initial steps when getting started with ocean freight shipping services you can be confident that your goods will arrive safely and on time at their destination point while minimising overhead or unforeseen cost.

Overall, unless you are shipping something small and urgent there is room to reduce costs and opt for Ocean Freight over the costly, more time efficient option of Air Freight. The use of Ocean Freight’s containerised shipping system ensures greater stability when transporting fragile items and improved control over inventory supply chains. In addition to these features, Ocean Freight also provides competitive pricing models in comparison to air or ground transportation which makes it an attractive option for global vendors. For all these reasons coupled with its well-established infrastructure worldwide, ocean freight is an invaluable tool for achieving improved e-commerce outcomes on a global scale.


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