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Crossborder Logistics is your trusted service provider for all shipments and deliveries to Amazon FBA centres.

With e-commerce at the heart of our business, our team has vast knowledge of the Amazon e-commerce marketplace in the UK and EU making us a true market leader in the e-commerce space.

Our leadership has been working with local and international sellers for the past 10 years helping get products to market as efficiently as possible. With our experience you can rest assured your shipment will get to the required Amazon FC safely, and in good time.  In plain English ‘It’s what we do’.

We can manage your entire shipping process from liaising with your manufacturer or warehouse at origin through to final mile delivery to an Amazon FC. As part of our service, we also take care of all customs brokerage requirements for you.

For e-commerce sellers who are based outside of the UK/EU, it is crucial that the right partner is chosen not only for shipping and delivery, but for customs brokerage. As per the regulations within the Union Customs Code, businesses without a legal business entity in the UK/EU must import as indirect representation, meaning they will need a UK/EU representative to act on behalf of the importer assuming joint liability for the information declared. This often presents internationally based e-commerce sellers with an obstacle, as not all freight forwarding, or courier companies will offer indirect representation as a service.  We do.

Crossborder Logistics offers indirect representation and import customs clearance services into the UK & EU for internationally based sellers.

At Crossborder, we would love the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.