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Why Air Freight is a Game Changer for US Amazon Sellers Expanding to the EU and UK

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As global eCommerce continues to grow, US-based Amazon sellers are increasingly looking at the EU and UK markets to expand their customer base. Air freight plays a pivotal role in making this expansion smoother and more efficient. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of utilising air freight services through Crossborder Logistics for reaching Amazon fulfilment centres across the Atlantic.

Speed of Delivery:

One of the most significant advantages of air freight is speed. Compared to sea freight, air freight dramatically reduces transit times, allowing sellers to replenish stock quickly and meet customer demands in a timely fashion. This is particularly crucial for high-demand or seasonal products that require rapid stock turnover.


Air freight offers unmatched reliability. With stricter schedules and fewer variables than ocean shipping, delays are less common. This predictability is essential for maintaining inventory levels and ensuring that product launches or restocks go as planned, enhancing customer satisfaction and seller ratings.

Enhanced Security:

Airports enforce strict security measures, which helps minimise the risk of theft or damage to goods during transit. For high-value electronics, designer goods, or other premium items, air freight provides the security that sellers need to protect their investments.


Airports are widespread across the EU and UK, providing more direct routes to different markets. This accessibility ensures that products can be delivered to more remote or less centrally located Amazon fulfilment centres more efficiently than other modes of transport might allow.

Customs Efficiency:

With services like those offered by Crossborder Logistics, navigating customs becomes much simpler. We have expertise in handling customs brokerage for sellers.

Cost-Effectiveness for High-Value Goods:

While air freight may be more expensive per kilogram compared to other modes of transport, the overall cost-benefit ratio becomes favorable when shipping high-value goods. The combined savings on insurance, security, and faster capital turnover often justify the higher freight cost.



For US Amazon sellers aiming to expand into the burgeoning markets of the EU and UK, air freight offers a compelling array of benefits. From faster shipping times and enhanced security to better handling and efficient customs processes, choosing a seasoned logistics partner like Crossborder Logistics can make your transition into international markets both smooth and successful.

Ready to elevate your eCommerce business? Contact us today to discuss your air freight needs and how we can help streamline your operations across borders.