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The Black Friday 2023 Countdown

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Black Friday, one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year, is right around the corner, falling on the 24th of November. For Amazon sellers, this means one thing: It’s time to get your products in place and ready to meet the overwhelming demand. Crossborder logistics plays a vital role in this preparation, and understanding the timelines is crucial. Let’s explore why sellers must secure their freight bookings to be in Amazon Fulfillment Centres (FCs) well before Black Friday.

  1. The Significance of Black Friday

Black Friday 2023 marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and is a critical period for retailers and eCommerce businesses. Failure to have products in place and ready for sale could mean lost opportunities and revenue.

  1. Shipping from the Far East

For sellers sourcing products from the Far East, shipping timelines are an essential consideration. With a typical sea freight transit time of 6-8 weeks, sellers must aim to have their products shipped by early September. This window provides ample time for potential delays and ensures that products are processed and available for Black Friday sales.

  1. Shipping from the US

For those shipping from within the US, the timelines can be slightly more relaxed. However, with Black Friday’s importance, planning ahead remains paramount. Even a minor delay can be detrimental, so it is wise to align with the early September guideline or shortly thereafter.

  1. The Dangers of Delays

Black Friday waits for no one. Ports can become congested, ships might be fully booked, and customs may slow down during peak seasons. Even unforeseen delays such as weather issues can throw off schedules. Missing Black Friday means missing a golden opportunity for sales and brand visibility.

  1. Achieving Peace of Mind

Booking freight early provides a buffer against unexpected setbacks and grants sellers peace of mind. It enables them to focus on other critical aspects of their business, like marketing strategies specific to Black Friday, and ensures a smooth sales process.

  1. Collaborate with Reliable Partners

Working with experienced logistics partners, such as Crossborder Logistics, that understand the significance of Black Friday can make the process even smoother. We can assist in navigating the various challenges of international shipping and help ensure that products reach Amazon FCs in time.

Timing, planning, and diligent preparation are key to ensuring that products are where they need to be when customers are ready to buy.

Don’t leave your Black Friday 2023 success to chance. Plan ahead, book your freight early, and set yourself up for a triumphant selling season. Sellers want to be shipping by early September from the Far East (a little later from parts of US) at the very latest to ensure a smooth process with no worries of delays/missing cut offs.

The clock is ticking, and Black Friday will be here before you know it – make sure you’re ready! Get in touch today for a quote and more information