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Ocean Freight Key Trends and Benefits for Amazon Sellers

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The key trends reshaping the ocean freight industry in 2023.

1) Automation – Automation technology is becoming increasingly prevalent within the ocean freight industry and is already a key trend in 2023. Companies are utilising automation to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance customer experience.

2) Digitalisation – Digitalisation has been gaining traction in recent years as companies look for ways to improve their operations, by leveraging digital tools such as cloud-based platforms, artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and big data. In 2023, this trend will continue to grow as more businesses utilise these technologies to optimise their processes.

3) Sustainability – The push for sustainability within the ocean freight industry is growing rapidly with companies looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact through green initiatives such as using renewable energy sources or eco-friendly vessels.

4) Intermodal transportation – As global trade continues to expand, intermodal transportation, which combines multiple modes of transport (such as rail, truck or airfreight) is becoming increasingly popular, due to its ability to cut down on travel times, while also reducing cost and emissions.


The benefits of ocean freight for Amazon sellers.

1) Cost-effectiveness – Ocean freight is one of the most cost-effective ways for Amazon sellers to transport their goods as it typically costs less than airfreight or ground transportation. Additionally, ocean freight allows for larger shipments at lower prices, due to economies of scale.

2) Flexibility – Ocean freight offers flexibility in terms of routes, delivery times and shipment sizes,  which allows Amazon sellers to tailor the service to their needs and budget.

3) Reliability – The reliability of ocean freight has improved significantly over recent years, with advanced tracking technology now available, making it easier than ever before for companies to monitor their cargo’s whereabouts throughout its journey.

4) Environmental benefits – Shipping by sea instead of airfreight reduces emissions significantly,  which helps reduce environmental impact and contributes towards meeting sustainability goals set out by many organisations today. 

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