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Faster Shipping Route from China to UK Now Available

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Crossborder Logistics is pleased to announce a ground-breaking new rail route from the Far East to the UK, reducing delivery times significantly compared to traditional sea freight. This innovative train journey, taking only 22 to 23 days, starts from Xi’an, China, and includes a comprehensive transit plan encompassing road and ferry transfers across Europe to reach Tilbury, UK.

This new transit option reduces overall shipping times from Shanghai to the UK to about 22-23 days, offering a substantial improvement over the usual 40-50 days by sea. Please note that there are specific restrictions and requirements concerning the types of cargo eligible for this route, including limitations on weight, dimensions, and the nature of goods.


For more details and to determine if your cargo qualifies for this expedited service, visit our detailed information page.

This route represents an excellent opportunity for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency in their supply chains between China and the UK.