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Crossborder Logistics Steps Up as Amazon Announces End to Responsible Person Services

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In a significant shift in the eCommerce landscape, Amazon has recently announced that it will cease its responsible person services by March 31, 2024. This change necessitates that all sellers using Amazon’s platform transition to a new compliance service provider to ensure their products remain in line with regulatory standards.

All sellers who sell CE-marked products on Amazon will need to find a new provider to ensure that their products remain compliant with EU regulations, which will require all products entering the EU to have a responsible person appointed. Sellers who do not appoint a responsible person by March 31, 2024, may have their products removed from Amazon’s marketplace.

Understanding the urgency and importance of this transition, Crossborder Logistics is actively extending its expertise and resources to sellers in need. The company offers competitively priced compliance services, encouraging sellers to get in touch for a comprehensive and free audit overview. This proactive approach is designed to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition for businesses adjusting to Amazon’s new policy.

Crossborder Logistics has a dedicated compliance team that specialises in assisting businesses, organisations, and eCommerce sellers eager to expand into new territories globally. One of the critical hurdles in such expansion is ensuring that products, packaging, and labelling comply with the local laws of different marketplaces. Non-compliance can result in products being refused entry, returned, or even disposed of, posing significant financial and operational risks to businesses.

Given the complexities and diverse requirements across product categories, many sellers find it beneficial to work with a local compliance specialist. Crossborder Logistics fulfils this need, offering tailored compliance solutions for products entering the UK and EU markets. The company’s services extend beyond basic compliance, encompassing market-specific offerings like EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility).

The compliance department at Crossborder Logistics is a natural extension of its freight forwarding and warehousing services. This integration ensures that clients have the assurance of knowing their products not only meet marketplace standards but also are transported safely and efficiently from their origin to their destination within the UK or EU through Crossborder Logistics’ extensive logistics network.

For those interested in learning more about these vital compliance services or to initiate a full compliance audit for their products and business, Crossborder Logistics invites them to get in touch at compliance@crossborder-logistics.com. As the deadline approaches, the company stands ready to assist Amazon sellers in navigating these changes with expertise and ease.

Contact: compliance@crossborder-logistics.com