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Country of Origin – Rules of origin determine where goods originate, this is where goods have been produced or manufactured and not where they have been shipped from. An example of this would be if you purchase goods from a Chinese based manufacturer and ship to/import into the UK to then forward onto the EU, the goods are still classed as CN origin and not UK.

You will require country of origin along with, HS codes and value of your goods to determine customs duties, or tariffs that will apply upon import into the UK or EU.

If a product is manufactured in 2 or more countries the country of origin is defined as the country or territory where the last substantial transformation occurred.

As a result of Brexit and the UK leaving the single market sellers who import goods from out of region to the UK and then moving onto the EU or vice versa are often finding that they are having to pay double duties, Crossborder Logistics can help with this and work with you and your manufacturers/warehouses to split shipments directly to the UK and EU to minimise the amount of duty you pay.

If you are unsure how to determine the country of origin of your goods or have any questions, please contact our team today who are ready and able to help you expand to the UK and/or EU.