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Christmas Holiday Shipping Surge Could Worsen Supply Chain Disruptions

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The logistics sector is currently facing significant pressures as the festive season rush could potentially exacerbate the ongoing supply chain challenges. The global shipping landscape is witnessing unprecedented congestion and delays, particularly in Asian and Middle Eastern ports, due to a sharp increase in shipping costs.

The rapid escalation in orders for Christmas shipments might lead to further disruptions. This phenomenon, often described as the ‘bullwhip effect,’ occurs when retailers order in excess, anticipating higher demand, which only compounds the existing logistical hurdles. While some customers are already shipping goods typically sold later in the year, such pre-emptive actions might not alleviate the congestion but could paradoxically extend delays.

Moreover, the situation has been aggravated by recent geopolitical events, specifically the Houthi rebel attacks in the Red Sea. These incidents have severely impacted traditional shipping routes, prompting nearly all container shipping companies to reroute their vessels around Africa, significantly increasing travel times and costs.


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