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What is a VAT number?

VAT stands for Value Added Tax and is an identification number for all VAT purposes in the country to where the number was issued. When do you need a VAT number? As a rule, you will need a VAT number when you are performing taxable transactions in that country, especially if you are not an […]

Goods valuation for shipping

Ensuring that your goods are correctly valued for declaration to the local customs authorities is arguably one of the most critical aspects of the whole door to door supply chain. Import taxes are calculated based on the value of goods declared to customs at the time of import. Other charges are also used in the […]

Direct v Indirect Representation for customs brokerage

For e-commerce sellers who are based outside of the UK/EU, it is crucial that the right partner is chosen not only for shipping and delivery, but for customs brokerage. As per the regulations within the Union Customs Code, businesses without a legal business entity in the UK/EU must import as indirect representation, meaning they will […]